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Show Choir

A Damsle's Jounrey( missing Steph:Kayla)

The show choir, Vista Voices,  is a vibrant group of young singers whose passion is to sing and dance. The kids come in at any level of dance and sing ability and work as team to create lasting memories and amazing music. The groups is the "spirit" of the choral department in performing at all school events and assemblies. This competing choir competition has places at various shows with music in rock, jazz, and contemporary genres. Last year, the group earn 1st place at the SCVA Show Choir Spectacular in the Mixed Intermediate Division and earning 2nd place in the Novice Women's Category.  

Show Choir 1819.jpg

Group activities includes:

  • Assemblies 

  • Big Brother, Little Sister Program 

  • Choir Camp 

  • Competitions 

and more!!!

A Damsel's Journey .jpg

"I liked being able to build a family with the member in choir. You get to appreciate and cherish certain moments and memories that you will not with other people ...."

Michelle "Mitch" Munoz

Class of 2020

For more pictures and Videos Please visit Gallery

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