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Madrigals is the advanced chamber choir that sing songs  from Bach and Pentatonix. This choir performs at various events on and off campus and competes at festivals  and clinics, always earning nothing less than Superior (the top rating). Being that this is an auditions based class, the students work hard in and other school to meet the high expectation, standards, and legacy left before them. They sing genres such as classical, contemporary and jazz as well as in languages such Spanish, Latin, French, German and Old English.
19-19 Madrigal Officers .jpeg

Group activities includes:

  • Homecoming Game

  • Big Brother, Little Sister Program 

  • Choir Camp 

  • District Honor Choir and Special events 

  • Middle School Visits

  • College Invitationals and Clincs

  •  Live concerts  

and more!!!


"I love how the dynamic changes every year. Through my four years , I've been apart of four different Madrigals and love that each of them brought something new and unexpected every year. We always end up being a big family no mater the kind of dynamic we have."

"Being apart of the the choir department allowed me to find myself an gave me an opportunity to grow as a person. I've developed friendships with people who made an impact on my life in high school and thy all loved me for who I am."  

Favour Eubany-

Class of  2020

Cathy Ho

Class of 2020

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